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The Advanced Fuel Cells Implementing Agreement's Current Annexes

The Implementing Agreement for Advanced Fuel Cells has nine active annexes.  These are the active work areas underway within this Implementing Agreement.  These compromise three technology-based annexes (MCFC, SOFC and PEFC), four application-based annexes (stationary, transportation, portable applications, electrolysis), with the Systems Analysis Annex encompassing all these areas, and the Modelling Annex focusing on this specific area.

No. Annex Objectives Duration Information Participants
22 Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells To reduce the cost and improve the performance of PEFCs, DMFCs and corresponding fuel cell systems. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 22 Annex 22 participants
23 Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells To assist the commercialisation of MCFC systems through collaborative research and development. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 23 Annex 23 participants
24 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells To assist, through international co-operation, the development of SOFC technologies. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 24 Annex 24 participants
25 Fuel cells for stationary applications To understand better how stationary fuel cell systems may be deployed in energy systems. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 25 Annex 25 participants
26 Fuel Cells for Transportation To understand better how fuel cells may be deployed in transportation applications. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 26 Annex 26 participants
27 Fuel cells for portable applications To assist, through international co-operation, with the development of portable fuel cells towards commercialisation. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 27 Annex 27 participants
28 Systems Analysis To assist the development of fuel cells through analysis work to enable a better interpretation of the current status, and the future potential, of the technology. This work will provide a competent and factual information base for technical and economic studies. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 28  
29 Modelling of Fuel Cells Systems To further develop the open source modelling approaches and knowledge base to facilitate the development of fuel cell technology. 2014-2017    
30 Electrolysis To assist, through international co-operation, the development of electrolysis technologies, and how these can best be deployed in energy systems. 2014-2019 Introduction to Annex 30  

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