Report on Mobile Fuel Cell Application: Tracking market trends as of End 2019

Report on Mobile Fuel Cell Application online: Tracking market trends as of End 2019

For the third time, the AFC TCP collected data on the deployment of fuel cell vehicles as of end 2019. The AFC TCP team put together a very detailed report with information on vehicles, subsidy schemes and purchase prices in selected countries,  the status quo on the hydrogen refueling station infrastructure with additional information on stations and an update on announced targets, visions and projections of different countries and collaborations.

This data is also being used for the Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 from the International Energy Agency (link)

AFC TCP survey on the deployment of fuel cell vehicles as of end 2019 estimates a total of 25,212 vehicles worldwide. The number of The number of passenger cars reached 18,913 showing 69% increase in one year. Most of the passenger cars are on the U.S. roads, whereas China dominates the numbers for buses and light- and medium-duty trucks. The total number of hydrogen refueling stations, including both public and non-public ones, reached 470. Public stations in three countries, namely Japan, Germany and the U.S. represent more than half of the total number of stations worldwide. The report also includes data on technical specifications of passenger cars, available incentives, technical data on refueling stations and finally some perspectives on a timeline. 

The complete survey with more information can be found under publications

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