Sponsorship Updates

The AFC TCP welcomes its new sponsors: The Chemistry Department of the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil (UFSCar) and the DSI National Center of Competence - Hydrogen Infrastructure (HySA)

We are delighted to announce the esteemed addition of two prominent organizations to the ranks of our valued sponsors at the AFC TCP - the Chemistry Department of the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil (UFSCar) and the DSI National Center of Competence - Hydrogen Infrastructure (HySA). Their commitment to advancing research and innovation in the fields of chemistry and hydrogen technology aligns seamlessly with our mission to promote the responsible and sustainable use of hydrogen and fuel cells on a global scale. With their invaluable expertise and dedication, we are poised to embark on a new chapter of collaborative progress in the pursuit of clean energy solutions. We extend our warmest welcome to our new partners, and eagerly anticipate the transformative contributions they will bring to our shared endeavors. Together, we look forward to shaping a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for all.


The Department of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education was created in 2011 and serves all undergraduate and graduate courses at the Center for Agrarian Sciences, on the UFSCar campus in Araras, state of São Paulo, with the main focus on Bachelor’s degree programs in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics.
It has a multidisciplinary faculty, with professors from the areas of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Education and Psychology, who participate in several projects in the area of teaching, research and extension.


The DSI National Center of Competence - Hydrogen Infrastructure (HySA) is a pioneering research initiative based in South Africa, dedicated to the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, HySA stands at the forefront of research and development in areas such as hydrogen production, fuel cell technology, and hydrogen storage and distribution. Through collaborative efforts with national and international partners, HySA aims to drive innovation and propel the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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