Task 31 Meeting La Grande Motte

From September 23rd to 24th, the 2024 Task 31 Meeting will be held in France in La Grande Motte.

The next Task 31 meeting will be held at La Grande Motte, France from September 23 to 24 2024, hosted by Professor Christophe Coutanceau of U of Poitiers.

This upcoming meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual plenary meeting of the hydrogen research network from CNRS (FRH2,

Thanks to meticulous planning by Prof. Coutanceau, our meeting will be carried out Monday and Tuesday of the same week, and we have the option to participate and assist FRH2 meeting the rest of the week. You can also bring a poster to showcase your work and institution at the meeting. This offers an excellent opportunity for the Task representatives to interact with our French colleagues to forge the future collaborations.

For further information please contact Task 31 manager Dr Di-Jia Liu .

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